Meeting of the Marked 2011
Contest Categories and Rules

Friday, October 28th

Registration: 6:30-7:30PM,
Judging @ 8PM

Full Back Tattoo
Full Sleeve Tattoo
Portrait/Realistic Tattoo
Traditional Tattoo

Saturday, October29th

Registration: 6:30-7:30PM,
Judging @ 8PM

Black/Grey Tattoos:

Sunday, October 30th

Registration: 2:30-3:30PM,
Judging @ 4PM

Color Tattoos:

Small=under 7" diameter; Medium=7"-12" diameter; Large=over 12" diameter


Registration for ALL LIVE CONTEST CATEGORIES will be held 1 1/2 hours prior to judging each day. No registration will be accepted once judging begins!

There will be a $5.00 entry fee per category. This fee applies to ALL categories EXCEPT Tattoo of the Day.

Any individual may enter as many categories as they have appropriate tattoos, however, a tattoo may only be entered in any one (1) category.

A panel of judges will review all tattoos and assign a score based on a pre-determined point system. All points are entered into a computer and a total score for each tattoo is calculated. First, Second and Third place are determined by the three (3) highest scores in each category.

Winners in ALL LIVE CONTEST CATEGORIES will be announced shortly after each contest session.

First place contestants receive hand-crafted plaques. First, Second & Third place winners, as well as the artists responsible for the work, will receive certificates.



The Tattoo of the Day Contest will be held on Friday (10PM), Saturday (10PM) and Sunday (6PM). There is NO entry fee and NO pre-registration. A call for entries will be made one (1) hour before the competition will begin. To be eligible for entry, all tattoos must be completed on the convention floor by an artist registered at the convention. Only one (1) winner will be determined. The winning enthusiast receives $100 cash and a hand crafted trophy. The artist who applied the tattoo receives a tattoo machine from Bryce Stucke, ink from Fusion Ink, $200 Critical Tattoo Supply Gift Certificate and sketch books from Hour of the Wolf Press. Both the artist and enthusiast will receive certificates.

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